Installing the best Locking Systems

Installing the best Locking Systems

As a qualified locksmith in the London area, we can serve your existing locks and talk about the best options to make your home or business secure. Regardless of the value of your possessions, sentimental value cannot be replaced by a cheque from your insurance company.

We can fit the best locking systems efficiently and professionally, ensuring your security is as good as it can be. This includes locking systems which are Police Approved and accredited by ‘Secure by Design’.

Call us today. Let’s make your home safer.

Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith working 24/7 – Residential and Commercial. No matter what time of the day or night you need us, we will be there, operating across the capital. Emergency locksmith services include getting into your home or business if you have forgotten your keys, and fixing locks which suddenly break. Both of these scenarios carry considerable stress especially if people are depending on you or if you want to leave the house.

Emergency locksmith services will see your issue resolved in no time at all no matter where you live. The city never sleeps and neither do we. If you are locked out we will always try to avoid destructive entry where possible. We provide ourselves on our ability to pick a lock rather than force the door. If we do have to use destructive entry, we will always make sure to replace your lock.


Keep your business running

There can be no doubts that having good security measures is essential to keeping your business running. The profits can’t role in if you’re equipment or important documents have disappeared. You have to keep enough plates in the air without worrying about who has access to this and that, or if your door and window locks are good enough to keep out intruders.
This is where we play our part in keeping your business running. We provide first class business security measures which:

  • Keep parts of your business off limits to the public and selected staff
  • Locks that stop the majority of villains from gaining entry
  • Provide a wide range of security products which are designed to prevent business losses
Escape the Security Headaches of Being a Landlord

Escape the Security Headaches of Being a Landlord

Being a landlord in London might be profitable but tenants make the job a headache. Keys are the thing and we have developed systems which can prevent your keys being cut without your knowledge, and our master key systems ensure that you have access to all of your properties and access to every room in every one of your properties.

And that is not the end of our talents. Our security products meet British and insurance company standards. We do plenty of locksmith work for landlords throughout London. They benefit from one of our service accounts. You should too.
Reduce the headaches of being a landlord by using our local locksmith services.

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Getting your Life Back on Track after Burglary

Although we are one of the good guys, the bad guys sometimes win. They manage to break-in and steal your valuables or ruin your business. They cause physical and emotional damage, and the effects can last for years. If you are unfortunate enough to have undergone this ordeal the secret is not to let the bad guys win and get your life back on track. This is where we can help.
We can come and replace your broken locks and other security products. The replacements will be first class and best quality. They meet all standards, and we treat it as an emergency. So we will be there super fast to help you get your life back on track.
When you go to sleep you will go to sleep in a secure home.


Locksmith Tips and Advice

Secure your premises – great locksmith tips and advice

There are many cost effective ways to secure your home. Sams Locksmiths have put together the following list of simple tips for home security to help beat the burglar.

Safe Practice

  • Never open the door to unknown visitors. Fit a door viewer (peep / spy hole) or a door chain and take a look at who is at your door before opening it.
  • Don’t leave keys on the inside of door locks or window ledges near the door as burglars can break a window and reach inside and unlock the door.
  • Remove keys from view and keep them in a safe place.
  • Don’t leave your name and address on any key tags. If you lose your keys away from the home they could fall into the wrong hands.

Physical Security

  • Have window locks fitted. Keep your windows locked, especially those on the ground floor or easily accessible due to flat roofs, for example.
  • The home office recommends fitting 5 lever deadlocks to all external doors. You should have or upgrade locks to British Standard BS 3621:2004.
  • Sheds and outbuildings are very vulnerable to theft and as a result you should have a substantial lock and padlock or padbolt in place. All valuables should be kept locked up inside sheds and outbuildings and remember never to leave expensive garden equipment outside. Use a chain and padlock to secure ladders and other equipment that may be used to break in to your property.

Other Deterrents

  • Gravel or pebbles on driveways warn you when someone is approaching your house. Burglars know this and it therefore acts as a deterrent.
  • Fit blinds to windows. Venetian blinds or vertical blinds can act as a significant deterrent as they are noisy obstacle for burglars attempting to gain entry.
  • Preferably install an alarm system or at least fit an external dummy alarm box in a prominent position on the outside of the house.
  • Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme and display the Neighbourhood Watch and CCTV in operation stickers.
  • Cut back hedges and trees near to your house to make it difficult for burglars to conceal themselves.
  • Property marking can act as a good deterrent as the markings make it difficult for a burglar to sell on your goods.
  • Time light switches with motion detection act as a good deterrent to burglars, as there is no where for a burglar to hide.

When Away From Home

If you want your house to appear occupied:

  • Use a timer switch to have a radio come on and off to give the impression there is someone home.
  • Use timer switchers to switch lights on and off and suitable times of the day and night.
  • Do not leave curtains drawn during the day.
  • Cancel your milk and papers. And finally, ask a neighbour to keep a watch on your property, while you are away

How to choose a locksmith

  • Choosing the right locksmith is important as you dont want to give just anyone access to the locks for your home, your vehicle, or your place of business.
  • Check credentials, Locksmith has to be certified and qualified. You can also check if they belong to a union or locksmith association.
  • check the company to make sure there are no bad reviews or complaints since you must trust your locksmith.
  • Find out if they have a shop and how many employees are working in the company.
  • Ask to see testimonials and references.