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Three Instances Where you Need an Emergency Locksmith on Speed Dial

24/7 Local to London Emergency Locksmith Service

Although we have years of experience in the emergency locksmith field, none of us have ever been phoned by a customer for a chat, or to discuss sport or politics. As for coming round for a cup of coffee you can forget it. Whenever we are called it is because something has happened and people need our help. This post discusses the instances when having a local to London emergency locksmith on speed dial is a necessity.

Key Broken in Lock


This is an all too common problem and more often than not leaves you locked out of work or home. When a key breaks, it becomes extremely difficult to turn the key in the lock and open the door. It is also very hard to extract the broken part of the key from the lock without the right tools or expertise.

In London, many of the properties date back to Victorian and Georgian times. Although the original locks have been replaced, some locks have been operating for decades. As such, without servicing parts of the lock corrode. This ‘freezes’ the lock and puts pressure on your key when you turn it. Inevitably, the key breaks.

Whenever we are faced with this problem, we extract the key and pick the lock. If the lock pins and tumblers are too badly worn then we sometimes have to overcome the lock and fit new locks afterwards. Either way, the alternative is being locked out, and that’s no fun. Incidentally, having your locks regularly serviced helps to prevent this problem. We offer this service too.

Do not fear too much however, if this happens to you. We’re only twenty minutes (local to you) away regardless of where you are in London, and our emergency locksmiths can help you quickly and efficiently get back into your home or dwelling.

Lost/Forgotten Keys

Like the broken key, forgetting or losing your keys yields the same result: You are locked out. This is frustrating to say the least.

Again, we pick the lock allowing you to gain access to the property. As we are locksmiths local to where you live we can be with you in minutes. If your keys are lost forever, then we can fit new locks securing your home or workplace. Our emergency local locksmiths are fully trained and qualified, and know London like the back of their hand. It is no fun waiting outside especially on cold and wet days. Put our number in your mobile so when you need us you can call us.

If you have lost your keys it is a good idea to have the locks changed for every key you have lost. Many of us carry the keys we need the most. This can include keys to outbuildings, the backdoor, and security gates. and windows we open frequently.

With this in mind and given the crime rate in London, talk to us about changing these locks too. We offer high quality replacements which will probably offer better security than what you had previously. All locks will be fitted to the highest of standards and the locks used will meet British Standard requirements.

When it comes to locks and security you can never be too careful. It is not just locksmiths that operate on a local level. Burglars do as well.

Forced Entry / Broken Locks

Normally this kind of call is an emotional one. If you ever have to phone us because someone has broken a lock to gain access to your home, the chances are you have been burgled. Despite seeing the aftermath of burglary in London for years, we never quite get used to the emotions which are understandably running high.

Although London is a fantastic place to live, the crime rate tends to be on the high side. Millions of us live in the capital and we’re sadly not all above stealing. Burglary is a common crime. Over the years we have developed our emergency locksmith services to be fast, local, efficient, and professional.

If your home has security gates, security lights, and other security features, these are often broken during the burglary. As part of our emergency locksmith services, we can fix the broken security equipment as well as the locks they used to gain entry.

In this time, we will make your home secure by repairing your broken locks. In many respects this is the most important emergency locksmith work we do. We will work quickly and professionally to secure your home in these most unfortunate of instances.

A Small Word about Business Security

It is good practice to protect your business by securing it with a master key system. This will give you access to the entire business, and you can shut off the areas of a business which both the public and your employees do not need to go. This not only makes your business more secure, but sets boundaries and clear barriers for the public to observe.

Prevention is better than Cure

Before you need to use our emergency London based local locksmith service it is a good idea to implement security precautions to prevent the need to call us. This can be simple servicing of your existing locks, to a full on security assessment of your home or business. An investment in better locks, security gates, security lights, security doors, and for businesses, master key systems today, considerably reduces the risk of burglary and related crimes in the future.

The stress of needing an emergency local locksmith is considerable, especially given the nature of life in London, so an investment in home and business security now can save you from the emotional rollercoaster of broken keys and burglary.

As well as being able to help after an event, we can help before it occurs. So talk to us today before something terrible happens.

We’re not bitter about the Coffee

Although we are never invited round for a coffee we are not bitter about it. We just want your emergency local locksmith situation to be resolved so you can get on with your life. Life in London is frenetic and stressful enough without the headaches of being locked out or burgled. Why not put our number in your mobile, as you never know when you will need us. [Insert number] It is always good to have local locksmiths on speed dial.

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