Safe Opening for Residential and Commercial


Despite the best of intentions, sometimes we lose the means to open our safes. This could be because we have forgotten the combination or lost a key. Other times it can be because the safe is inherited and unfortunately, the means to open it has been lost. It can also be because the lock on the safe no longer works. Regardless of the problem we can be with you no matter where you are in Walthamstow, and have the safe open in no time at all.

We are fully trained and qualified locksmiths in this regard. Schedule an appointment today.

Sam’s Mobile Locksmith – Safe Installation for Residential and Commercial – Walthamstow. As well as opening safes we can install them. Often insurance companies insist that safes are installed on a premises if there are highly valuable items or documents owned. In many respects safes is the only secure way for storing items such as these. We can install your safe and provide advice on the best one for your home and business. Often business safes are fireproof and are installed in the wall or floor. Home based safes can be of the same like, or made to look like something else to throw burglars off the scent.

Regardless of what kind of safe you want and need, we will install it to a high standard and our locksmiths are highly trained in this regard. Schedule an appointment and have the safe you need installed.