Locksmiths and security products

Security Products for Residential and Commercial – Walthamstow. As well as locksmith services of an emergency and servicing and repair nature, we also carry high end security products, designed to make your home and business safer and more secure. All of our products adhere to British Standards and Kite marks, and we can install the product range into your home and business.

Security Garage Doors and Security Gates

There can be no question that purpose built security doors and gates provide far better security than their regular counterparts. The better your security product the better your overall security, both in terms of making it harder for someone to break in, and in as a psychological deterrent. Our security gates and security doors will make your home or business more secure, and we can install them quickly and professionally.

Security lights

Security lights are the only product which will illuminate the darker parts of a home or business, and thereby preventing holes where burglars can hide. They also provide a little more safety if you have to put out the rubbish or look for your cat. Though security lights do not reinforce locks, they do put fear into the mind of an intruder who may well leave your property alone and go and find an easier target. We can install security lights into your home and business. Schedule an appointment today.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is another psychological deterrent like security lights. Arguably, however, it has sharper teeth as it has successfully identified criminals around the world who have later been arrested and prosecuted. Good CCTV systems can operate both inside and outside a home or business, and the cameras can be monitored from a smartphone. We can fit and install CCTV in your home and business and give advice on the positioning of the cameras for full security effectiveness. Click here and schedule an appointment.

Padlocks and Locks on Outbuildings

Just like the locks on your homes and businesses, locks on your outbuildings deserve the same attention. We often store tools and other useful items burglars will use to break into our properties. In fact if you leave your outbuildings unlocked, not only will they use the tools, they will probably steal other valuable equipment to. This is why it is a good idea to have your locks on your outbuildings professionally fitted by us. We will ensure the locks fitted are both fit for purpose, and professionally installed. Schedule an appointment by clicking here.