Residental and Commercial Locksmith Services

Sam’s Mobile Locksmith – Lock Services for Residential and Commercial Properties – Walthamstow Area. Though we do a lot of emergency locksmith work, we also do plenty of works with locks. Regardless of whether your locks are in wooden, uPVC, or aluminium frames, we can help you improve your security and or meet insurance company requirements in your home or business. Our services include: Lock Installation for Residential and Commercial Properties – Walthamstow. Regardless of whether you are upgrading your security as part of a wider insurance scheme, or you just feel it is time to bring your locks up to speed; our lock installation expertise is second to none. We also carry an extensive range of lock products. We can be with you in moments, fitting a lock with minimal disruption to your life. The locks we fit will meet your requirements and carry relevant Kite marks and at least meet British Standards or exceed them. Get in touch today and your new locks will be up and running with minimal fuss. Sam’s Mobile Locksmith – Lock Repair for Residential and Commercial Properties – Walthamstow. As well as installing new locks we also repair your existing locks should they break. Locks either need repairing as they have been vandalised or suffered damage, or they have simply worn out. Either way, our locksmiths are experts at repairing locks and can be with you getting them back in working order in no time at all. Get in touch and make an appointment or call us if a lock has broken unexpectedly. Sam’s Mobile Locksmith – Lock Replacement for Residential and Commercial Properties – Walthamstow. Sometimes locks become too worn out to be repaired or their security is so outmoded that they have to be replaced. We can do this and have successfully replaced locks all over Walthamstow for homes and businesses. The locks we use are of the highest standards, and like our lock installation service, we replace your worn out, tired locks with brand new locks which meet or exceed British Standards. Schedule an appointment and have those old locks replaced. Sam’s Mobile Locksmith – Lock Servicing for Residential and Commercial Properties – Walthamstow. It is highly advisable to put in place a lock servicing agreement. This is not only more cost effective but you can rest easy knowing your locks are operating at optimal capacity. This can also be an insurance company requirement. We can service your locks ensuring they offer an effective measure of security, and we can replace the ones which no longer deliver the goods. Call us today and schedule an appointment.