A Comprehensive Security Guide for your Home

Make it Harder for Burglars to Break-in

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle, but not many of us have drawbridges and moats to keep out intruders. Therefore, we have to improve our existing home security to ensure we keep our homes as safe as can be. The purpose of this guide is to give you an idea of which aspects of home security you can improve.

Security of your Home

Door and window locks. Whether you have uPVC or wooden doors and window frames, having your locks inspected for damage and servicing is a good place to start to improve the security of your home. Locks provide an effective security layer against break-ins and quality counts. The better the lock, the better your home is secured.

Should you feel one of your locks is wearing out, your best option is to call in a qualified locksmith to fix it. This will either be in the form of a lock repair or lock replacement. There are other methods to implement as well to secure your doors and windows. Consider:

Applying an additional lock. Bolts make good security deterrents as opportunistic burglars will look for easy homes to break in. By easy, we mean homes that offer little security and as such, can easily be accessed. Bolts make it harder for intruders, and that is precisely what you need to improve security. Just remember to lock your doors and windows before you leave the house!

Burglar alarms. Whether you have a comprehensive system wired to a monitoring centre or an old fashioned bell alarm, having one installed is an option to consider. As with all aspects of home security quality counts. All alarms have box outside the house. This is to tell burglars your home is protected. Security is about providing deterrents through security layers.

House safes. House safes are another aspect of home security which you should consider. Safes are not just good for protecting jewellery; they are also good for protecting your private documents such as passports and driving licences. In our present day and age it is important we take steps to prevent identity theft, as well as theft of our personal belongings.

Safes come in all shapes and sizes, and work in a number of ways. Some are traditional floor and wall safes while others are designed to look like household items. The idea here is that the burglar will ignore them and take something else.

Security in the Garden

Ensure the garden is secure. In most gardens, there is a treasure trove of equipment that can be used to break into a home. Ladders, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, the list of useful burglar friendly tools is endless. Similarly, these items are valuable to sell on together with your other tools such as lawnmowers, leaf collectors, hedge trimmers, even lightweight garden furniture can be stolen and sold.

To this end make it harder. Ensure your equipment is locked away in an outbuilding. If it is big and bulky such as a ladder, you can chain it to the wall and padlock it. You can never have enough security in the garden.

Fit security lights. Lights can and do prevent opportunities for burglars. Lights, when positioned correctly, will illuminate the darker parts of your garden and leave a burglar little room to hide. They can also better light vulnerable areas such as access points to the home and outbuilding entrances.

Trim bushes and shrubs. Another security point to consider is to shape the garden to prevent hiding places. Often burglars will ‘case a joint’- watch it for a while for signs of activity. Dense plant life can provide a good spot for him or her to observe your home before they break-in

Security gates and doors. Having the garden, garage, and other vulnerable areas barred by a security gate will also make your property harder to break in.

Implementing Home Security Layers

Security works on layers. The more layers you have, the more secure you are making your home. So having your door and window locks replaced is one layer, having security lights is another and so on.

To ensure your home security is as good as it can be, contact us today. We can review what you have and look at options to improve it further. At the very least, you should have your locks serviced by a professional locksmith.

We may not be able to install a portcullis, but in today’s world a security gate can work just as well. Call 079-50769875 to make an appointment.