How do I protect my Home While on Holiday?

Security Measures for the Holiday Season

Although an occupied house is more vulnerable to burglary than when occupied, there are tactics you can employ to make it look as though you are still there. This posts talks about security measures you can take to give the illusion you are still in your home.


By putting your light switches on a timer, and maybe putting the television on one as well, you can provide an effective illusion that the house is still occupied. This can be taken further by putting the radio on during the day. Timers are easy to obtain, install, and configure.

Cancel newspapers and other regular deliveries

If you have a newspaper delivered every morning, ensure you cancel the delivery for while you’re away. Apply this to all of your deliveries, including milk. A visible build up of newspapers, milk, mail, etc, is a sure sign that your house is empty. This will be exploited by burglars.

Fool the burglar, use a dummy burglar alarm

To make a burglar think twice, fit a dummy burglar alarm if you do not have a real one installed. The idea is that the burglar sees the ‘alarm box’ on the side of the house and decides the crime isn’t worth the risk. Although dummy burglar alarms will not actually do anything should your home be broken into, it does put up an effective illusion that it will.

Tell a trusted neighbour you are going away for a while

If you feel you can trust one of your neighbours, presumably the one that lives next door, tell them you are going away for a while. This way should they hear movement in the house they will hopefully alert the police.

You could also ask them to collect your mail once a day, if it is visible from the outside.


Mail poses a problem if it is visible from the outside of the home. It becomes pretty obvious that the house is unoccupied as the mail builds up on the carpet. If there is no one you can trust to collect it, think about fitting a mailbox catcher, or an external mailbox. This way the body of mail will be hidden from any outside observer.

Upgrading window and door locks

When you are about to go away for a while it is an ideal time to have your window and door locks serviced. It cannot be underestimated how important security layer good locks are. This can make a difference to being broken into, or not being broken into.

Protect from identity theft

Identity theft is a real a crime and problem resulting from burglary. Ensure any valuable documents you are not taking with you, including banking information is locked away safe. So even if you are unfortunate enough to be robbed, you will at least not have lost your personal details.

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